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High Tech, Cost Competitive New Unwind and Rewind Sytems for Both Plastic and Paper
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March 6, 2000 -- Machinery Control Systems and A Plus Technology are jointly offering the MCAP, a family of new custom engineered unwind stands for processing both paper and plastic webs.  The stands are available in dual or single station configurations and can be designed to match a wide range of roll diameter, weight, line speed, and core size requirements. 

A typical MCAP-101 system features a quick chuck and unchuck for easy load and unload of an unwind shaft.  Typically included with the unwinds are pneumatic brake tension control.  The MCAP-101 is edge guidable and uses a unique bearing arrangement specifically designed for dusty environments that eliminates the need for a linear bearing system. The unwind shaft can be either inflatable air or rectangular shaft with adjustable chucks that slide back and forth.

David Anzano, MCS president, says the systems are especially rugged and easy to install and operate.  Because it is built to order, a system can be easily custom configured, including a wide range of state-of-the-art automation and control options. Shipping times, Anzano says, have typically been less than four weeks from reception of order.

“Custom engineering, high quality fabrication, close technical support, and rapid delivery, are services that distinguish us from other web handling equipment suppliers,” Anzano said.

Machinery Control Systems and A Plus Technology, Inc. have combined their respective electrical and mechanical engineering expertise and allied to produce web-handling technology.

Founded in 1987, Machinery Control Systems Inc. is a systems integrator that designs and installs process control systems, including electrical engineering, instrumentation and software development.   MCS offers customers turnkey solutions supported by single source responsibility.  Experienced with distributive Control Systems using both PLC and PC based systems; MCS can integrate an entire range of industrial control hardware and software, including field devices such as sensors, motors, valves, etc.  MCS’s creative approach to process control systems includes use of up-to-the-minute technology.  MCS systems reduce expenses and increase efficiency and are backed by a commitment to long-term support.

A Plus Technologies specializes in mechanical engineering solutions for a vast array of industries.  The innovative designs have lead to numerous patents in the web handling, material handling, printing, and pharmaceutical industries.  Capabilities include 2D design and 3D modeling from concept to manufacture of custom industrial equipment and products.  Professional Engineering services are available for critical engineering tasks.  The use of the latest fabrication techniques such as laser cutting and CNC assure an economical quality product that is delivered on time, every time.



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